Power Yoga Center was, is and always will be a place of love, compassion and freedom. The studio doors opened on June 10th 2012, a date of great significance for owner Eddie Cordiano. "In 1992 June 10th was the first time I experienced loss and marked the start of my journey of self exploration." Eddie never came off that road and PYC is a culmination and celebration of life and love. It's the studio for the practitioner who is insecure and scared to come to class to the Yogi that's been practicing for years and looking for a challenge. It's the studio for people to be themselves and come to fill their tool kit with stress reduction techniques. It's a place to grow and connect, laugh and cry. It's the regular guy's Yoga studio and it's a place we are all very proud. Amazing people walk in and out of PYC's doors day in and day out, lending their time and energy to the space, and as a result you can feel the love as soon as you walk through it's doors.


Power Yoga is a challenging style of yoga that focuses on strength, flexibility, movement and breath work with the intent of uniting and balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to Power Yoga Center

power yoga center

Power Yoga Center

667 Route 35

Middletown, NJ 07748

Phone - 718-614-5451

Email - ec@poweryogacenter.com

what is power yoga?

"Through our physical body we can transcend limitation and connect to the pure truth, potential and love inside all of us."


                                          - Eddie Cordiano

                                      Owner of Power Yoga Center